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We have summarized all you need to know on this page, including important links, to help get you started with paragliding. Please note, links with more detailed information can be browser translated into your desired language. All our instructors speak fluent English, theory papers and tests can be taken in English.

After passing the theoretical and practical exams through the Swiss Hanggliding and Paragliding Association, you will obtain a Swiss paragliding license. This license is mandatory if your permanent residence is in Switzerland. It is the equivalent of a „Level 4“ International Pilot Proficiency Identification (IPPI), which is recognized worldwide.

If your dream is to see the world from above – you’ve come to the right place. The Ikarus Paragliding School based in Interlaken Switzerland has been offering professional support and training in the fascinating Bernese Oberland flying region since 1989.

Thanks to our wealth of experience in every aspect of paragliding, you can tap into our expertise to explore your passion, customize your learning and practice to suit your specific needs.

In addition to training for your paragliding certificate, our flight school in Interlaken also offers further education, paragliding trips, tandem flights, emergency parachute service and specialist retail. We are official sales partners of the manufacturers Advance, Airdesign, Gin Gliders, Ozone, Phi, Skywalk, Niviuk, Fly-Neo, Nova and Zoom.

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Claudia & Häppy Michel, Biitli Marschall

Learn how to fly

Discover endless freedom!

Have you always wanted to learn how to fly and ready for a new challenge? We teach you how to paraglide, step-by-step and all year round.

If you are already convinced that you would like to fly high, sign up for our 4-day elementary course. This course provides the groundwork on the practice slope for your first high-altitude flights from the mountain. If you simply want to experience safely launching a paraglider so that you can take off, the one-day taster course is the right place to start.


Benefit from professional guidance!

Make your dream of flying come true!

Paragliding is the ideal complement to your other favorite mountain hobbies. After a strenuous mountain tour, what could be better than leisurely gliding down into the valley? If weather conditions allow, you can use the thermals to ascend, cross over valleys and cover distances.

Paragliding offers a multifaceted and thrilling opportunity to immerse oneself in nature. Over the course of many years, enthusiasts can refine their flying skills and explore diverse aspects of the sport. Do you have a particular mountain in mind that you dream of soaring over, or perhaps a specific landing spot that captivates your imagination?

With us, you’ll embark on your paragliding journey, starting from the basics and progressing to your certification test. Following a few days of ground instruction, you’ll take to the skies safely, supported by attentive guidance and equipped with the latest technology. Along the path to certification, you’ll master crucial maneuvers and gain valuable experience in various flying environments. Depending on your time commitment, expect your paragliding training to span three to six months until you achieve certification. All courses and documents are available in English, and you can also obtain your IPPI card.

Further education

Empower new experiences!

You never stop learning when paragliding. Regular flying is the most fundamental requirement to become and remain an experienced and safe pilot. We also offer specific courses and training sessions where you can try out and practice new skills.

Would you like to broaden your paragliding horizons? We are here to help! At the Ikarus Flying School Interlaken, you’ll find everything you need to keep you up to date and to help you progress after your certification.

During safety training over the lake, you can fly extreme maneuvers and improve your reactions. You can also fulfill your SHV Biplace 1 requirements.

In thermal & XC courses, we set goals together so that you can successfully cross over valleys and fly beyond. Tandem training teaches you everything you need to successfully take off together. If you have had a longer break, you can refresh and strengthen your techniques with your instructor when you return to flying.

Paragliding Trips

Get to know new and inspiring regions!

If you want to dedicate several days to flying and soak up the relaxed atmosphere of welcoming regions, one of our Ikarus flight tours is the perfect choice.

We will be happy to take you with us and show you our favorite flying areas in Switzerland and Europe – you will return inspired by many unforgettable experiences and new flying adventures.


Paragliders, Harnesses & much more...

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a lot of flying hours under your belt, you’ll find exactly what you need in our shop. Are you looking for the perfect paraglider for exciting flights, a comfortable harness, or high-quality accessories? We have what you need!

Our passion for paragliding is reflected in our carefully selected range. You can rely on our many years of experience and expertise when it comes to quality and safety.

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